Sabie River Adventures situated near Hazyview in the Lowveld!

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The heart beat of
Sabie River Adventures

Become one with nature as you enjoy the beautiful Lowveld scenery of the Sabana River, indigenous bush and fruit orchards on horse back. 

Small game and hippo are still roaming around in the area and might be spotted on your trail. Abundant bird life makes bird watching a feast; so don’t forget your binoculars. We accommodate both advanced and novice riders.  Kids and first timers are also welcome.

The 1 hour trail is ideal for beginners and children but it also enjoyable for the more experienced rider who wants to have a quick run.

The two hour trail goes through more technical terrain but is still suitable for the confident novice rider and is very popular with experienced riders.

The half day trail is for experienced riders only and is a truly unique and unforgettable experience. Enjoy light snacks or lunch at the half way stop before departing on the second leg of your adventure.

The moonlight trail is for all you romantics. Enjoy a gentle amble through fruit orchards by moonlight with only night sounds that whisper in your ear (at full moon only).

For all our adventurous toddlers our friendly ponies are waiting to entertain you on a 20 minute walk around the bush and along farm trails.

What is that noise? What do I hear? That beating? That thudding? It feels like a surge of energy is rushing through my veins. I’m sure it comes from up the road, over the hill, into the mountain. What is hidden there?

Yes, it has to be this, it has to be these 11 beautiful beasts neighing from the stable yard. It must be their heartbeats echoing through the valley. Or is it maybe the sound of their hooves as it becomes one with the soil of Sabie River Adventures? It has to be this herd of horses…

These beautiful beasts, are the purest form of nature, and they find their resting place here at Sabie River Adventures. And no wonder, with the most beautiful area and surroundings, who wouldn’t want to live here? And the trails that they go on, are trails through paradise. Most of the trail takes them next to soul reviving waters of the Sabaan River and lushes green bush. With beautiful bird life, spectacular views and even a few buck, monkeys and other bush animals.

These animals let their hearts beat every stride for Sabie River Adventures as they are the living Sabie River Adventures. But I still hear a noise. Another heart beat. Is it the heartbeats of these beasts? Is it the sound of the roaring waters? Is it the beat of all the breath taking adventurous activities? Is it the heart beat coming from all the smiles of the customers passing through Sabie River Adventures or is it in the willingness and friendliness of all the staff members of Induna Adventures? Many people wonder where the heart of Sabie River Adventures lies.

I say, it is in all of these wonderful beats. That is what makes Sabie River Adventures such a beautiful and breathtaking place that absolutely has to form part of your life. So, come and the feel the beat. Come live the life here at Sabie River Adventures.


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